PC and Wolfe

Tuesdays at 6pm

This is a sports radio show.

They do sports radio show type stuff… except for when they don’t.

They are @PC_and_Wolfe on the Twitter.

PC was born and raised in Detroit, a lifelong and die hard Detroit sports fan. He moved to Arizona in 2012 and firmly rooted himself in the desert (but not so firmly that he adopted ANY Arizona team). In his spare time he enjoys complaining about how bad the Lions,  Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings are. This takes up most of his time. He is @Sneaky_Snake_40 on the Twitter.

Wolfe was raised on Michael Jordan and Walter Payton. Mike Ditka is his spirit animal. He is the kinda guy who loves to tell you “I told you so.” and he is tall enough to get away with it… most of the time. He is @WhatsWolfe on the Twitter.