Packer Jeff

He is one of our first texters and he is the guy that coined the phrase "Super Fan". He also is credited with starting Jeffry with his Football Card Collection. Nicest guy and Packer Fan you will ever meet

Troy from DHS

Posts a bunch every day, comes out to our events, loves all things Duke Basketball, car racing, gambling and of course pissing people off.

John from DHS

Deepest voice of any Texter to date. Faithful listener and friend. Very funny but dry sense of humor. Been with us since the beginning. He has very Distinctive Flooring.

Manny in PD

Dreamed the impossible dream and after sitting in with Jeffry on the show, he actually got a job in radio from it. Scorching wit and manly as they come.


(formerly known as T-Rex)Was a bastard in the beginning, friendly in the middle, but back to a bastard in present day.One of the funniest texters ever. Cranky and witty. Friendly and ferocious. Nobody is safe from this one.


Loves the 49ers, sick humor, and inappropriate tattoos. Great guy and totally insane. To create instant off the hook party…  just add alcohol.

Detroit Lion Rick (R.I.P)

One of the senior statesmen of the Super Fans. He was a really funny guy but was usually to bring us back to sports with his texts and had some great sports insight. He was on air with us once and he brought beer and was just a great guy to be around. He is very missed.


Great texter, kind of an intolerable douche, but funny as bleep. Scathing texts and always rude. He gave as good as he got. One bt of advice if you run across Jorge... Don’t call him a Communist or else you better have somewhere to hide.

Niner Joe (R.I.P)

Joe was a great guy with a great sense of humor. Faithful 49ers fan, sure wish he was alive to see them now! He always had a text that would make you smile. I know we are not the only ones... but we sure miss that guy tons.

The Machinist

If there was a contest for sending the consitently best texts to the show, we are pretty sure The Machinist would win by a landslide. Impecable Timing + Great Content = Championship Texting.

The Berg

A Patriots fan, a Red Sox fan, an assorted jerky afficianado, a prolific card collector, and all around good texter. The Berg's back story is pretty amazing too.

Big George

Day in and day out his texts are positive and always good stuff. We loved this guy long before we met him.

Tempe Man

First ever Hall of Fame inductee to be brought in on a whim one day. "Becuase I am tired of all that Beardown sass." according to Jeffry O'Brien. But Tempe Man has always had great texts and funny things to say. It was a perfect addition, even if only to annoy Bear Down Steve.

Beardown Danny

Probably one of the nicest guys to be inducted to the Hall of Fame. Dodger fan, UofA fan, and a super cool Superfan.

Beardown Steve

In person, he is just a mild mannered, smiley guy. On the text line, a venomous angry sports snake who lies in wait of any opporotunity to strike. We were hoping his induction would make him a little more chill. We were wrong.