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Zig Ziegler – RunRite Challenge

Zig Ziegler – RunRite Challenge

 Monday’s 6pm-7pm

Are You Ready to Achieve a Breakthrough in Your Health, Fitness, & Sports Performance?  Tune in every Monday at 6pm to discover how to identify the right exercises for you!

ZIG ZIEGLER – The Sports Kinesiologist

With over 25 years of experience in health, fitness, and sports performance improvement, Zig has helped some of the world’s best athletes find their groove in Running, Baseball, Basketball, Olympic Softball, Football, Golf and individuals with many other sports in fitness areas.

To date, Zig and his team of sports motion analysts have conducted more than 50,000 3-D motion analysis based assessments,  including biomechanics analyses of the swings of Tiger Woods, and MLB Star Ryan Howard and the free throw shooting of NBA Future Hall of Fame Center Shaquille O’Neal, to name a few.

Zig’s analysis is designed to help foresee and resolve serious sports-related injuries. His efforts have helped more than two dozen NFL players overcome serious injuries to stay on the field including perennial all-Pro NFL Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin, three time Super Bowl Champion Derek LoVille, 12 year NFL veterans Chris Oldham of the Pittsburg Steelers and New Orleans Saints, and NFC champion Chris Walsh of the Minnesota Vikings, veteran NFL Quarterback Stoney Case, and all-Pro Linebacker Seth Joyner, and Jamir Miller.

Some other athletes Zig has advised post-injury include, Canadian Olympic team member and National Pro Fastpitch Co-Pitcher of the Year Lauren Bay, MLB NL Rookie of the Year Jason Bay, 2006 MLB NL Rookie of the year and 2008 NL MVP–Ryan Howard, future MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher Johan Santana (for the NY Mets), Future NBA Hall of Fame center, Shaquille O’Neal, and oft injured Trailblazers’ center Greg Oden, and his Trailblazer teammates.

Zig has also coached numerous collegiate all-Americans, Colorado and Arizona State Champions in Track and Field, and over 500 athletes who’ve won state championships in Football, Volleyball, Fastpitch Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball and other sports.

Zig also developed the RunRite System – a unique wearable system for monitoring running technique. The RunRite System is used on the show along with other technologies.

Zig, an athlete most of his adult life, began his collegiate athletic career as a full scholarship athlete in track and field at Oklahoma State University.

Zig finished his inaugural competitive season competing in the US Junior National Championships, narrowly missing a spot on the US Junior National team after finishing 5th in the 110M Hurdles in the US Championships.

After transferring from OSU, Zig earned collegiate All-American honors in the 400M Intermediate Hurdles and Long Jump while competing for Western State Colorado University. Zig still ranks in the school’s Top 10 in 4 events and has held the school record in the 110M High Hurdles for over 25 years.

With a long time dream of qualifying for the Olympics replaced by love of family and a battle with chronic injuries,  Zig retired from track and field in February 2000. Inspired by the impact of eight surgeries on his right knee from an injury suffered during his senior year of college on the football field, Zig began to focus on developing what has become The RunRite System. He is an expert Kinesiologist, Sports Performance Specialist, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Zig gets joy from supporting athletes in pursuit of their goals. However, nothing compares to the joy he gets from spending time with his soon to be journalist daughter Dominque and their dog Blaze!

The RunRite Challenge is the only show on the air providing programs for assisting runners and athletes who run to train for their sport improve running speed, enhance endurance, and reduce risk of injuries.

I visit high schools, sports team practices, running events, health clubs and sports performance centers performing Running Biomechanics Assessments, Foot Pressure and Balance Assessments sharing tips and drills for helping runners and athletes in all sports achieve amazing breakthroughs. Including

  • Breakthrough Performances and Personal Records
  • Reducing the Risk of Running Related injuries
  • Increased Self Confidence


Anything and everything is possible when you discover what impacts you as an individual! Imagine lowering your mile time by up to 1 minute per mile. Could you be the next high school athlete to run under 4 minutes in the mile? How would you like to be the first female athlete to run under 4 minutes in the mile? The 4 Minute Club is NOW OPEN to male and female athletes! You Can Run Under 4 Minutes in the Mile.

Now I realize some athletes just want to move from JV to Varsity. Some runners will come into this clinic with the belief they can only improve a few seconds per mile each year or just move up a few places in scoring.


  • Improve from #1 in the State to #1 in the Country!
  • Improve your times and go from JV to Varsity!
  • Make Varsity as a Freshman or Sophomore!
  • Make the Track or Cross Country Team…Period!
  • Move from the 7 spot in scoring to the #1 Spot!So if you’re already the top athlete on your team or have the best times in your region or your state, you can become the best in the region or the country. And what if it were possible for you to be the best runner in the world!
  • Any goal you set is possible! And if you discover what you don’t know about your body and how it is affecting your running performance!


“My promise is to assist you in discovering what’s possible for your running performance. Then all you have to do is the work it takes to get there!”

​Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist

The RunRite Challenge is designed to empower every athlete with opportunity to achieve a breakthrough in running performance based on each individual athlete’s strengths and performance possibilities.


I guarantee every coach whose athletes participate in The RunRite Challenge will achieve a breakthrough in coaching in an area where they didn’t know it was possible.  We intend to empower every coach who participates with the knowledge to assist every athlete on their team with achieving breakthrough performances this season.

To receive more information please head to runriterevolution.com

Reach Zig:

20860 N. Tatum Blvd Suite 300 Phoenix, Arizona 85050  Tel: 1.888.511.6986