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Totally Fit Radio

Saturdays 9am-10am


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“Totally Fit Radio” took to the airwaves September 6, 2008 on Chicago’s AM 560 WIND. After six years on the air, hosts Tony & Michelle have brought their Fitness & Health show to sunny Arizona Saturday at 9AM on AM 1580, “The Fanatic”, and on over 180-stations across the Nation with their Totally Fit “Fit Tip” feature!

Totally Fit Radio is a show about all things Fitness, Performance & Health. Tony & Michelle discuss topics and answer your questions on building muscle, losing weight, exercise for kids, sports performance and conditioning, exercise for seniors, therapy, nutritional counseling, rehabilitation training, nutrition supplementation and so much more. They also invite professional guests into the studio as well as celebrities to share their knowledge and stories about exercise and the sports and fitness industry.

Please check their website

This is where you can stay in touch with Tony & Michelle.  Please share your fitness, sports & health stories, ask about sponsoring the show, look for advice or ask them just about anything…and if you don’t mind, they may even share your stories with their listeners on-air.

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