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2017 NFL Schedule on The Fanatic

Sun-Sept. 10 1pm                            Seahawks at Packers (Sports USA)

Sun-Sept. 17-1pm                            Jets at Raiders (Compass)

Sun-Sept. 24-10am                         Giants at Eagles (Sports USA)

Sun-Sept. 24-1pm                           Bengals at Packers (Sports USA)

Sun-Sept 24-5:00pm                      Raiders at Redskins (Compass)

Sun-Oct. 8-1pm                                Ravens at Raiders (Compass)

Sun-Oct. 15-10am                            TBA vs TBA (Compass)

Thu-Oct 19-5:00pm                        Chiefs at Raiders (Compass)

Sun-Oct 22-1pm                              TBA vs TBA (Sports USA)

Sun-Oct 29-10am                            Raiders at Bills (Compass)

Sun-Oct 29-1pm                              TBA vs TBA (Sports USA)

Sun-Nov 5-11am                              TBA vs TBA (Compass)

Sun-Nov 5-6:00pm                        Dolphins at Raiders (Compass)

Sun-Nov 12-11am                            TBA vs TBA (Compass)

Sun-Nov 12-2pm                             TBA vs TBA (Sports USA)

Sun-Nov 19-2pm                             Patriots vs. Raiders in Mexico City (Compass)

Sun-Nov 26-11am                            TBA vs TBA (Sports USA)

Sun-Dec 3-11am                               TBA vs TBA (Compass)

Sun-Dec 10-11am                             Raiders at Chiefs (Compass)

Sun-Dec 17-2:00pm                        TBA vs TBA (Compass)

Sun-Dec 17-6:00pm                         Cowboys at Raiders (Compass)

Sun-Dec 21-11am                              TBA vs TBA (Sports USA)

Sun-Dec 24-11am                              TBA vs TBA (Compass)

Mon-Dec 25-6:00pm                       Raiders at Eagles (Compass)

Subject to change/ All times Arizona

All games courtesy of Compass Media and Sports USA Media