The Daily Blender with Jeffry O’Brien

The Daily Bender with Jeffry O’Brien

Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm


The sports radio show for fans, by fans.  This humorous show lets the listeners in on the conversation where they get to be the experts.  Covering everything from the latest news on your favorite teams, to whatever other manly topics come across the somewhat disturbed minds of host Jeffry O’Brien and his pals.  This show is seriously funny!

Jeffry O’Brien is a long time broadcaster, actor, writer, and stand up comic. He loves sports and all things manly. He works on his own cars, enjoys fishing, can grow a decent beard, and is undefeated as a thumb wrestler. He also has the distinction of holding a a Doctorate of Manology. He studied and graduated from the American Institute of Sheer Damn Manliness, obtaining his diploma from Chuck Norris… only after wrestling a grizzly bear and then fighting an old timey miner. Grizzly Adams witnessed. He has since been appointed as the Southwest Regional Man Card Commissioner. He drives a classic muscle cars, big ol’ man trucks and has a impossibly hot wife (sorry ladies!). This guy lives a life most can only dream of.

Co-Host Heath Scarinci owns a marketing and clothing company in Southern California. His many talents include talking sports, creating a killer website and making 1,000 T-shirts in 2 hours, all done in house at Impression Design (PLUG ALERT!!!)  If you’ve ever listened to the show you know Heath’s a die-hard Warriors & LA Kings fan, chronic band-wagoner to all other sports, and loves the most obscure sports you can find on ESPN 9. Go Argentinian Lady Gophers of the Raccoon Relay Race League!


Tyler is a sports fanatic who still currently plays Semi-Pro Football and still loves his San Francisco 49ers, his Twins Baseball, as well as a LeBron James (no matter what team he plays for). Tyler has spent his entire life in the Coachella Valley, besides his 4 years at the University of La Verne playing Football and studying Computer Science (we have yet to see him do anything scientific with a computer to be honest, other than Facebook). He spends his off-time collecting and reading comic books and trying to being a great Father and Man to his beautiful Daughter and Fiance.