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ASU Announces New Video Board Installation

Arizona State today announced that ANC will install a new main video display at Sun Devil Stadium in time for the ’17 football season. The display in the north endzone will be one of the 10 largest in college football, measuring about 47 feet high by 113 feet wide.  Interesting that the new board is 47 square feet larger than Arizona’s – too bad its not 42!!!

Current top 10 video boards based on screen-size square footage

  1. Auburn –10.830 square feet.
  2. Texas A&M –7,661.
  3. Texas –7,370.
  4. Miami –6,717 (NFL stadium).
  5. Arkansas –6,286.
  6. USC – 6,000.
  7. Penn State –5,624.
  8. Massachusetts – 5,361 (NFL stadium).
  9. Michigan State –5,358.
  10. Arizona –5,264.

ANC, a Learfield Company, provides integrated signage, design, and marketing solutions to sports, entertainment, retail, and transportation facilities. Among ANC’s recent projects include the Seattle Mariners (largest HD video display in MLB); Los Angeles Dodgers (most pixels per square foot in MLB); Cleveland Cavaliers (largest center-hung in the United States); Fulton Center (largest digital media network in a New York City transportation center); and Westfield World Trade Center (iconic digital media network).