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2018 Top Five Most Expensive College Games To Attend

Here are the five most expensive college football games to attend this season -btw, less than two months away!

5. Army vs. Navy (Philadelphia) – Week 15: $210

The Army-Navy Game is a great college football tradition. It has also been a legitimately great game the last few years, with Army finally getting over the hump for a pair of wins.

4. Ohio State vs. Michigan – Week 13: $222

The Game is yet another staple of the college football season. Any Ohio State home game at The Shoe fetches a pretty penny. If the Buckeyes are national championship contenders, and/or if Michigan has bounced back from a mediocre 2018, this price will skyrocket.

3. Penn State vs. Ohio State – Week 5: $252

Ohio State vs. Michigan is the most historic Big Ten rivalry, but Ohio State vs. Penn State has probably been the most important in recent years. The Penn State home win over Ohio State two years ago really set off this run the Nittany Lions have been on.

2. Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (Bronx) – Week 12: $301

There are plenty of Fighting Irish fans in the New York metropolitan area that will flock to Yankee Stadium for this one. Syracuse is also well-represented in the area. The last game between these two, back in 2016, saw 83 points put up on the board, so this one could be another high-flying affair if the weather cooperates.

1. Notre Dame vs. Michigan – Week 1: $390

A huge rivalry game. A prime time affair under the lights at Notre Dame Stadium. An awesome way to kick off the college football season. It makes sense that this game is the most expensive on the schedule right now. We don’t always get awesome on-campus battles like this in Week 1, but we’ve lucked out this fall.  Courtesy of thespun.com